Topps Power Players

How to Play

Here is how you can join the fun!

STEP 1 - Look for special Topps Power Player cards in packs of Topps Baseball Series 1 (available now) and Topps Baseball Series 2 (Available in June) 

STEP 2 -  Enter the codes on the back the Topps Power Player Cards into the space provided in this website to unlock the card.  Make sure you “create your locker” first. You can do this by using your Twitter or Facebook account. 

STEP 3 - Continue to enter codes and build your locker – the more players in your locker the more chances you have to win prizes.  You may win a prize just by entering a code.  (see prizes below) 

STEP 4 – When the season starts in April “Activate” the players in your locker that you think will be named the Topps Power Player of the day for a chance to win a Power Player Random Drawing Prize.    Topps Power Players of the day will be announced at least 2x a week Topps Power Players can be nominated for any reason such as great on-field performance or a notable accomplishment or milestone (See official Rules) 

STEP 5 – Have fun!  Build your locker, activate your players, share your profile and win prizes.  

There are so many ways to win prizes!

Instant Prizes – Win an exclusive Topps Gold Parallel Card Instantly!

  • Some codes on the back of the Power Player Cards are “Lucky” codes that will instantly unlock an exclusive Topps Parallel card or Topps coin card. All you need to do is enter the code into your locker!

Collection Prizes – Win and exclusive Topps Gold Parallel Card!

  • Simply enter 30 different Power Players into your locker from Topps Baseball Series 1 and 30 different Power Players from Topps Series 2 to win an exclusive Topps Gold Parallel card – Only available through this promotion!

Full Set Collection Prizes - Win a set of 40 autograph cards and your OWN Topps Baseball Card!

  • Enter into your locker 1 of each Power Player from Topps Series 1 and Topps Series 2. That is 220 players in all. At the end of the 2014 Baseball Season, Five (5) lucky collectors who have all of the Power Players entered will be randomly selected to win a set of 40 autograph cards!
  • 1 of these five "Lucky" collectors will have their OWN "Power Collector" Baseball Card in 2015 Topps Baseball!

POWER PLAYER RANDOM DRAWING PRIZES – Win Autograph Cards, Coin Cards and other Memorabilia

  • At least twice a week during the Baseball Season on Wednesday and Friday, Topps will announce the day’s featured Power Player (from among all of the Power Players in the set)
  • A random drawing will be held among every collector that has that Power Player in their locker and active (player must be active!). If you have more than 1 of that specific player active, you have more than one entry into the drawing – so go ahead and collect doubles, triples etc!
  • 1 person randomly selected person will win an autograph card, a coin card or another prize.
  • Note that prize autograph or coin card is not necessarily of that specific Power Player.
  • Power Players of the day are selected at Topps Discretion. Reasons for choosing a Power Player could be but are not limited to:
  • On the field performance such as a great month at the plate, a walk-off homerun, etc.
  • A special accomplishment on or off the field such as a start at a new position or the player may simply have a birthday that week!

Make sure you ACTIVATE the players YOU think will be named "Power Player of the day". You will only be able to activate a certain number (110 from April-June; 220 cards June-September ) of cards at a time so be SMART!

Join the Fun! Collect your Power Players and start winning prizes.

Latest news

Different Power Players cards are available in hobby and retail.  Be sure to get packs from your local hobby shop and from a major retailer like Walmart and Target to collect them all!